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I'm an actress, writer and filmmaker, based in Queens, New York. I am moved to play characters who are driven to do the "right" thing - journalists, some attorneys, activists, whistleblowers, etc. Also, characters with a righteous agenda - the know-it-all friend, the obsessive mom, the bossy sister, etc.  (What can I say? I'm a lady with conviction.)  My strongest actor archetypes are warrior, caretaker and sage.


Raised by a Chilean, hippie mom and a conservative, farmer dad, I grew up between a working farm in Nebraska and the bustle of Santiago, Chile. My need to find "the funny" amidst rural boredom, constantly bickering parents, farming hardships, and abundant cultural differences grew into a desire to share my interpretation of humor with an audience, while the emotional impact of the friction at home made dramatic acting a comforting release.


Aside from being an avowed cat lady (I have two FIV+ rescues,) I also love cooking, boxing, salsa dancing, target shooting, traveling, and going down dark nerd-holes on Wikipedia.  I think recycling is obligatory and would literally hug trees if they weren't so dang scratchy.  I'm a bleeding heart for humanitarian, animal rights and environmental causes.

Before acting, I was a VJ, writer and associate producer on Mun2, an on-air DJ on Mega 94.9 in Miami, and a movie reporter.  I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from the University of Minnesota.

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